Transitioning exchange: microdosing hormones


The original event had to be cancelled, but there is an ongoing exchange online and meanwhile we gathered a lot of useful resources on microdosing testosterone. If possible we sometimes meet in person to have an exchange about our processes and share information. If you’re interested please get in touch <3

queer open air cinema

Hey lovley queers from all over the rainbow. Since the days are getting shorter and wer’e still not able to go to most of our usual comunity spaces we want to take the Chance to invite you all to a wonderfull queer outdoor movie night at the mollies wagonplace.

Mollies is a cute queer wagonplace near Ostkreuz that is recently in danger of beeing evicted / searching for a New place to stay. For all who know mollies a Chance to spend some more beautiful hours there for all who where never there a Chance to get to know the place.

We will show the touching documentary “Major!” (english 1 h 35 min) about a inspiering transperson of color who took action during the stonewall riot and where activ against prisons and for queer and sex workers rights.

We invite you for friday the 4.09 at 8 in the evening. We ask you all to bring your own Drinks and Snacks and a blanket or sth to sit (in case you have trouble sitting on the ground tell us and we will find a solution).

About corona: we will have a outdoor toilete that is not weelchair excesable and we will ask you all to use the desinfect spray after using (there is a possibility to wash hands with soap next to the toilletes).

In case you wanna pass bye and watch the movie with us write us at that gives us the chance to have an idea how many people are comming and to inform everyone in case we are informed bye anyone afterwards that they have corona. Additionally we will give you some more information when you write us.

The place is in generell weelchair excessable except for the toilets.

Wer’e looking forward to see you there and spend a beautiful evening with you

trans* day of visibility

Trans* issues are often ignored, dismissed and marginalised. Even more so in these times. The current situation means trans* people have less access to transitioning, health care, support structures and protection from violence and isolation. These struggles are now even less visible. People who are already targeted by oppressive powers – such as trans* prisoners, migrants, refugees, poc, undocumented and homeless people, are at risk now more than ever.

Every day is trans* day of visibility and we stand in solidarity with all of our trans* siblings. We send our support in particular to our friend who is currently held in Moabit prison. Let’s turn trans* day of visibility into trans* day of revenge.

In anger & solidarity,

Mollies Queer Wagonplatz

Mollies goes Liebig34 + Info Event about Inter*

Mollies is a queer-feminst wagenplatz in Berlin. In solidarity with Liebig34 we are inviting to a bar night with an info event about Inter*. Come over if you want to have a lazy sunday evening with us!




We will watch a movie (french, german, english spoken language with english subtitles) together.
It portraits intersex individuals sharing their experiences, art and activism and demand their (human) rights.

Afterwards we will take time to discuss intersex topics (with an intersex person) and there’s gonna be plenty of space for your questions!

What It’s Like To Be Intersex

one struggle one fight

Wir sind der queer-feministische Wagenplatz Mollies von der Rummelsburger Bucht. Seit über 5 Jahren leben wir hier, auf einem weiteren Padowicz Gelände. Padowicz hat dem gesamten Gelände zum 31.12.19 gekündigt. Die Kündigung in den nächsten Jahren war zu erwarten, aber dieser plötzliche Zeitpunkt überrascht uns alle. Bislang haben wir uns aufgrund einer drohenden Kündigung noch nicht in der Öffentlichkeit positioniert.

Es ist nun sehr ersichtlich, dass der Senat, auch nach vielen Protesten von Tausenden, sowie einer großen Unterschriftenaktion gegen den Bebauungsplan, sich davon nicht stoppen lässt ihn weiter durchzusetzen. Dies wird konkret heißen, dass in den nächsten Monaten unseren Nachbar*innen der Zeltstädte, sowie dem neu besetzten Wagenplatz DieselA, auch die Räumung droht. Dem Gelände, auf dem wir uns befinden, wurde komplett gekündigt, was auch außer uns die Bar Rummelsbucht, einen weiteren Wagenplatz, Proberäume und Werkstätten, und damit die Lebensgrundlage vieler Menschen trifft.

Somit ist, neben der Liebig34, ein weiteres queerfeministisches Projekt auf einem Padovicz Gelände bedroht. Wir fordern die Stadt auf, sich nicht länger an Investor_innen zu verkaufen und stattdessen endlich ihrer politischen Verantwortung gerecht zu werden. Das bedeutet, eine Stadt für alle, Schutz von Freiräumen und queerfeministischen Schutzräumen! Wir möchten als Gruppe weiter mit unseren Wagen zusammen wohnen und sind auf der Suche nach einem neuen Grundstück. 
One Struggle, one fight!
We are the queer-feminist Wagenplatz Mollies from Rummelsburger Bucht. We have lived here for over 5 years, on another Padowicz site. Padowicz cancelled the contract for the whole area on 31.12.19. We expected a termination in the next few years, but this sudden notice surprises us all. So far we have not positioned ourselves in public due to a threat of impending dismissal
It is now very clear that the Senate, even after many protests by thousands, as well as a large petition against the development plan, will ignore these actions and in fact enforce it further. In concrete terms, this will mean that in the coming months our neighbours in the tent cities, as well as the newly occupied DieselA Wagenplatz, will also be threatened with eviction. The contract for the area on which we are located has been completely cancelled, which as well as us also affects the Bar Rummelsbucht, another Wagenpletz, and rehearsal rooms and workshops, and thus the livelihood of many people.
Thus, besides Liebig34, another queer feminist project on a Padovicz site is threatened. We call on the city to stop selling itself to investors and to finally live up to its political responsibility. This means one city for all, protection of open spaces and queer feminist shelters! We would like to continue living together with our wagons as a group and are looking for a new property. 
One Struggle, one fight!